PneumoHelp® is a new Medical Device for low flow ECCO2R, (Extracorporeal CO2 Removal). It works with a veno-venous access and a double lumen catheter of 13Fr.

With its easy user interface it offers an intuitive approach and a short learning curve.

Exacerbated COPD patients have a greater chance to avoid intubation when treated with PneumoHelp® even in combination with Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV), with a better outcome.
Chronic COPD patient could benefit of PneumoHelp treatments to reduce the risk of acute episodes.

PneumoHelp® also allows IperProtective Ventilation technique to reduce the risk of VILI (Ventilator Induced Lung Injury) during ARDS or any prolonged Invasive Ventilation supports.

Peculiarities of the PneumoHelp® system are:

The monoRoller ™ pump

It’s an innovative single roller peristaltic pomp. It compresses the tube (and the blood inside) only once per tour thus reducing the tube stress and the hemolysis.
Thanks to a patented circuit path the tube is gently and slowly occluded by the roller. In this way tubes vibration and hemolysis are reduced even more.

The InstaKit™ disposable

It’s a pre-assembled disposable kit. With a simple button pressure it is loaded on the device and safely locked in position, connecting with that single action

– The monoRoller pump with his tube
– Two Bubble Detectors
– Three disposable piezo-electric pressure sensors for Access, Prefilter and Restitution pressure
– The safety clamp
– The Flow Drive actuator
– The CO2 meter
– The air suction pump

The InstaKit™ is also equipped with the exclusive DeCarbon8™ circuit

It is a patented blood circuitry that allows a high flow inside the oxygenator (up to 1,500 ml/min) keeping at the same time, a low flow to the patient (max. 500 ml/min).
The DeCarbonate™ circuit gives several advantages:

– It makes the oxygenator to be completely perfused
– It reduces the clotting risks
– It increases the constancy in performances
– It automatically resolve the Bubble Alarm issues