Intensivecare S.p.A. is an innovative start-up and boasts a research and development team in the field of extracorporeal treatments, with new proprietary technologies, patents and projects.

The experience in the field, the habit of closely following the clinical application of the relevant therapies, the daily routine of hospital practice and the advice of numerous internationally renowned KOLs allow us to identify the problems and promptly seek a new solution.

The goal is to minimize the invasiveness of multi-organ treatments in critically ill patients thanks to the development of innovative technologies. Simplify the application of advanced therapies in new areas for the benefit of the patient thanks to high quality treatments, reducing the workload to the medical and paramedical staff and consequently the costs of assistance.


The company mission is to offer always cutting-edge products in the field of extracorporeal treatments, improving the relationship between the patient and the doctor and minimizing the costs for the Public Administrations. Our technologies, indeed, are easy and immediate use and are all mini-invasive for the patients.


Our vision is to progress more and more in the field of good medical practice with choices of technologically valid products but above all with the creation, within the scope of the company’s production, of therapeutic systems and / or support of great impact and easy to use.