The listing value for Intensivecare Spa has been confirmed

The company, at the end of the year, confirmed the listing of 140 million euros


The result on the Stock Exchange for Intensivecare Spa was positive after a few months from the listing, which took place in May 2020. The company specialized in the production and distribution of electro-medical equipment, in fact, maintains its listing on the Stock Exchange of 140,283,990 euros, confirming itself as one of the few Italian start-ups to have received such an important result; we are talking about the highest price (without trading) in the last 10 years.


What made it possible to enter the international financial world (with listing on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange)? The patent of the Pneumohelp® machine, a minimally invasive system for the extracorporeal removal of CO2.


A highly effective solution that reduces the need for intubation in the treatment of the acute phase of chronic obstructive bronchopathy (COPD) as well as in the treatment of the chronic phase.


In this regard, a scientific study has been launched, called ORION, which makes use of the support of Pneumohelp®, relying on the participation of numerous centers throughout Italy.


Professors Marco Ranieri and Stefano Nava were leading the study; the centers involved are: Rome, Catania, Bologna, Salerno, Modena, Trieste, Naples, Turin, Bari, Padua, Cagliari, Arezzo, Sassari.


Here is the link to see the share capital: