Intensivecare Spa is listed on the stock exchange

                   The company, led by Roberto Intennimeo, among the big names in Luxembourg

Intensivecare Spa – – specialized in the production of electro-medical equipment in the field of extracorporeal treatments was officially listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (“Luxembourg Stock Exchange-LSE”) on May 15, with initial capitalization above 140 million Euros. The announcement was made by Stock Exchange of the Grand Duchy through its website and official media.

Intensivecare has developed and patented a high-tech device for lung dialysis suitable for the treatment of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and COVID-19 according to several scientific publications and a technique developed by Profs. Stefano Nava and Marco Ranieri of the Alma Mater -Sant’Orsola University Hospital in Bologna. Prof. Ranieri is responsible for the ORION study, which assesses the effectiveness of ECCO2R in COPD patients, a study funded by the MIUR PRIN program in which Intensivecare takes part in by making available the “Pneumohelp” device.

PneumoHelp® is a device for removing carbon dioxide directly from the patient’s blood; a technique you might define as “Lung Dialysis”.

Thanks to a minimally invasive vascular access, it draws blood from a patient’s vein and through an innovative atraumatic pump, passes it through a device (the oxygenator) that eliminates CO2 at a low flow.

Such treatment allows to ventilate the patient by reducing the need for intubation or, in the most serious cases, it allows a ventilation that respects the physiology of the lung protecting it from side effects.

The device, which is unique in the world, is totally “Italian” both for its technical-scientific definition and its engineering.

PneumoHelp® was designed taking patient’s safety into consideration. Thanks to its extreme operational simplicity, it only takes the positioning of the pre-assembled disposable kit on the device.

PneumoHelp® addresses the treatment of exacerbated COPD, chronic COPD (third leading cause of death worldwide)

A quick worldwide spread of such method can be expected, considering that it has been made simple and accessible thanks to PneumoHelp®. Over 250 million people with COPD are currently registered worldwide, even though the number is assumed to be higher than that.

In the last few months, Intensivecare had reached an agreement for global distribution with the multinational company Getinge, as a result of Roberto Intennimeo’s brilliant work in recent years. Roberto Intennimeo is the CEO of the company; his technical and commercial staff are operating in the laboratories in Lombardy and in the head office in Salerno, together with his children Daniela and Paolo, and the Technical Director Michele Gazzano.

Intensivecare was supported by Brooks Hougthon Overseas, European subsidiary of the US investment banking group Brooks Houghton & Company Inc. in New York.

The company will be financially assisted by the French group BNP Paribas – through the Geneva team – for the implementation of its industrial plan – which foresees the first deliveries in the last quarter of this year.